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Myth Orphans of Ovenstein – News Update April 2024

In this news update for Myth Orphans of Ovenstein, we do a deep dive on Item Cards and Fate Cards. Both of these card types are improvements gained by the heroes for succeeding at combat scenes. The Fate Cards represent incorporeal improvements—the heroes learn from their experience or become favored by fortune. In comparisson, the […]

Myth Orphans of Ovenstein – News Update March 2024

Today, we will provide you with more insights into the Myth Orphans of Ovenstein rules, specifically card resolution and attacks. Card resolution is an important new game term, because it describes the whole process of playing an Action Card and resolving its effects. The timing of game effects has caused a lot of confusion in […]

News about Orphans of Ovenstein

In this news update, we will answer your most pressing questions regarding the upcoming Myth Orphans of Ovenstein Kickstarter set. We realize that the Myth community comprises many different types of players with different needs, and to address all of them, we currently plan that the new Kickstarter will come in 3 different tiers. Please note that these […]

Orphans of Ovenstein

You have asked us to go a little bit more into detail about the upcoming „Orphans of Ovenstein“ box. We are still in the middle of designing the adventure, so things might change, but our current plan is to make it into a stand-alone box that has everything in it for playing the whole new […]

MYTH: Journeyman – FAQ

We answer your most frequently asked questions about the MYTH: Journeyman kickstarter.


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