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Orphans of Ovenstein

31. Januar 2024

You have asked us to go a little bit more into detail about the upcoming „Orphans of Ovenstein“ box. We are still in the middle of designing the adventure, so things might change, but our current plan is to make it into a stand-alone box that has everything in it for playing the whole new 20-part campaign. This includes all the paper components (books, cards, tokens, hero boards, realm tiles) as well as all the miniatures. Therefore, everyone who buys that box will be able to play the whole 100-hour campaign with no additional material required. It will be a big box – not the biggest box you’ve ever seen, but fairly big. To make it all work, we are going for maximum efficiency. That means, the box will have as much paper material in it as it needs, but nothing that is excessive or unnecessary. This helps to save both money and the environment.

But when it comes to miniatures, that’s where the rubber really hits the road. We are currently aiming for roundabout 60 miniatures total – 10 heroes and 50 monsters. The question then becomes how to fill 30 different combat encounters (the campaign is a 20-parter, but the story has many branching points, depending on the heroes‘ decisions) and keep them interesting, while using only 50 different miniatures? To achieve this, we are introducing a new system for handling monster cards. All minion and many captain miniatures will come with a set of different monster cards, and the current combat encounter decides which card to use (the monster cards will actually be part of the campaign cards and remain secret until revealed). This not only means that the heroes can encounter the same type of enemy at very different power levels throughout the campaign, but also as members of different factions.

As an example, please take a look at the „Red-eyed Shambler“ monster card. (Also, please note that this is just a mockup, the final card will come with a proper illustration). This minion is represented on the game board by a regular Shambler miniature, but it is in this instance not a member of the Unholy faction. Instead, it is described as some kind of mechanical automaton with glowing red eyes, and over the course of the campaign, the heroes will find out what this new faction is about, who their leader is, and what goals that leader has. That leader, when the heroes encounter them at a later stage, will be represented by a unique new miniature. About 20 of the 50 monster miniatures in the box will be such unique miniatures, while the rest will be re-used as members of different factions during the campaign. For example, during a different mission, the heroes will encounter the Unholy faction, and their Shamblers will be represented by the same Shambler miniatures in the box, but they will come with their own specific monster card.

Our goal here is to maximize the fun and variety without exploding the box (or your wallet). And to provide you with everything you need to play the whole campaign from the get-go. And if, for example, you supported earlier versions of Myth and happen to have a large collection of miniatures, we encourage you to use those where you see fit, to spice up your visual experience.

Now, as this is going to be a crowdfunding campaign, there will also be loads of expansion material. We know you love this stuff, so during the crowdfunding you will have the chance to get it all. If you just want to play the game, the main box is all you need. If however, you also want all the extras, you can support us during the crowdfunding, unlock stretchgoals, etc. Additional heroes, additional gear, add-on rules, free-play rules, as well as more miniatures. The above-mentioned „Red-eyed Shamblers“ could be among those miniatures, just to give you an example. The amount of these extras will largely depend on your level of support, so beat that big drum for us, we really appreciate it! But, and I want to stress this, our main priority is to provide you with a complete game that works and comes with all the materials you need. That will be the main box.

Christian Lonsing

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