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MYTH: Journeyman – FAQ

5. Januar 2024

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Myth: Journeyman Kickstarter.
Last Updated: 23th February 2024
New/updated topics: What are the things that will NOT be delivered?

  • Parts of my pledge are missing in the list in my e-mail. What should I do? 

    After a few people reported differences between the list in the e-mail and their original pledge, we will investigate the issue to sort out possible errors. We will report back to you once we have checked our systems. 

  • I ordered the ALL in Module, and it is not listed in my e-mail. What should I do? 

    We have fixed this issue and anyone who has the All-In-Module not listed, will get an email containing the correct ordering list.

  • My ordering list is incorrect. 

    There happened to be an issue in our last email containing a list of all the products you will receive. Therefore, everyone who had an incorrect list, will receive the correct one per mail within the next few days!

  • I don’t have access to the email address I used for the kickstarter anymore

    If this is the case, please email us with your current email address, naming your old address, backer ID and as much helpful information as you can.

  • How can I update my address?

    If your address changed, simply tell us by e-mail to crowdfunding@ulisses-spiele.de. (Or reply to the mail you received from myth@ulisses-spiele.de at the start of the year.) 
    You must use the e-mail-address you used on your Kickstarter account, so we can confirm that it’s you. Otherwise, we won’t be able to update your address.

  • Will there be a notification if my address has been changed?

    Yes, you will receive an email that will confirm your changed address. We just prioritized the emails from Europe, so anyone who emailed us from the US doesn’t have to worry, we will get to you soon!

  • What if I bought the pledge from another person and need to change the address, but the e-mail used in the Kickstarter is not mine?

    For us to change addresses, we need a verification from the original e-mail address used on Kickstarter. If that’s not yours, you need to get in contact with the person owning the e-mail address. Once they verify the change of address, we will be able to change it in our systems.

  • Shipping cost 

    You guys won’t have to pay shipping cost of any kind, so no need to worry! 

  • Customs duties

    When shipping to non-EU countries, your order may incur additional taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties). Please be aware that they are not paid or invoiced by us, but are to be paid by you directly to the responsible customs or tax authorities. Please contact the relevant authorities for details.

    Customs duties could be charged in the following countries:  

AE – United Arab Emirates
AR – Argentina
AU – Australia
BR – Brazil
CA – Canada
CH – Switzerland
CL – Chile
CN – China
CO – Colombia
GB – United Kingdom
HK – Hong Kong
ID – Indonesia
IL – Israel
IN – India
JP – Japan
KR – Korea, Republic of
KZ – Kazakhstan
MO – Macau
MX – Mexico
MY – Malaysia
NO – Norway
NZ – New Zealand
PH – Philippines
RU – Russian Federation
SG – Singapore
TH – Thailand
TR – Turkey
TW – Taiwan
ZA – South Africa

  • Why are there no products listed in the mail I got?

    A few backers have already received their pledges from MegaCon Games and shouldn’t have received an e-mail in the first place.  
    Some unlucky few are only missing products, that are part of the “products we can’t ship” list (see below). These will receive a voucher for our web store or e-book store to make up for this. 
    And in some cases, this purely seems to be a mistake. We are currently checking our system and will resend these e-mails. 

    If you got no list but should still receive miniatures, please tell us by e-mail to crowdfunding@ulisses-spiele.de. 

  • What about the ‘Add-on – Cyclops (SYCLINE PACK)’?

    We will not be able to include the ‘Add-on – Cyclops (SYCLINE PACK)’ in our deliveries. The reason being that we found the amounts for the ‘Add-on – Cyclops (SYCLINE PACK)’ to be missing in stock. As the new production of said miniatures would delay the delivery by a significant amount, we won’t do another production. But anyone who ordered the ‚Add-on – Cyclops (SYCLINE PACK)’ on top of their pledge, affecting around 250 people, will receive a voucher for our E-Book store as compensation. 

  • How can I use my voucher?

    The voucher you will receive will be of equal value to the products of your pledge that will not be delivered. It will work in our E-Book store.
    If you would rather have a voucher for our online shop – www.f-shop.de for Europeans and www.ulissesf-shop.com for everybody else, please send us an email (crowdfunding@ulisses-spiele.de) until 1st of march.

  • Can I get a refund? What about the money?

    The simple answer is that we don’t have it, and neither does MegaCon, which is why this fulfillment was never completed. We are investing our funds and efforts to honor the commitments made to the fans as best we can. However, this means that we cannot provide refunds at all. 

    If you don’t care about products anymore and don’t want to receive them, please message us at crowdfunding@ulisses-spiele.de and we will cancel your order. Thanks, upfront, to everybody who does so, as this will help both the environment and us, as this saves funds that we can invest into the new edition of MYTH that we are currently working on. 

  • What about the printed materials for MYTH 2.0? 

    All the 2.0 materials we produced are on DrivethruRPG as PDF or Print on Demand. They’re listed as pay what you want, meaning you can get the PDF versions for free.

  • What will be delivered?

    With our efforts, we were able to produce a lot of the originally promised MYTH products. We want to make sure you get as much as possible of the stuff you ordered on the Kickstarter.

    The following products were produced and will be delivered:
  • Myth Journeyman Stretch Goals  
  • All In Modules 
  • Add-on – Skald Journeyman 2.0 
  • Add-on – Spriggan Journeyman 2.0 
  • Add-on – Trickster Journeyman 2.0 
  • Add-on – Spriggan 2.0 
  • Add-on – Journeyman Lairs 
  • Add-on – Kraken Ultra Boss 
  • Add-on – Undead 
  • Add-on – Novice Lairs 
  • Add-on – Myth Agents of Darkness Pack 
  • Add-on – Alternate Gender Heroes 
  • Add-on – Keesi & Og 
  • Add-on – Razorfiend 
  • Add-on – Marcus the Ready 
  • Add-on – Trickster 2.0 
  • Add-on – Skald 2.0 
  • Add-on – Myth IA The Foundation Exp Boss 
  • Add-on – Myth Rat King Exp Boss 
  • Over the Top 
  • Avatar of Shadow
  • Additionally, we will deliver the printed materials of our remaining stock that you told us you’re missing through the Ulisses gatherer in the past. As there isn’t enough stock for certain items, some people will receive a voucher for our web store instead, as said before. 

    This list is currently not final and may be changed later. 

  • What are the things that will NOT be delivered?

    Luckily, only very few products were impossible for us to produce and therefore will not be delivered.

    The following items could NOT be produced: 
  • Translation packs 
  • Expansion packs
  • Quest packs
  • Dices
  • Add-on – Cyclops (SYCLINE PACK) 
  • Clear Male Brigand 
  • Clear Female Brigand 
  • Myth Base Game 
  • Cyclops Ultra Boss
  • The infected minions

    This list is currently not final and may be changed later. 

  • Something is still wrong. How can I contact you?

    You can reach us for any questions regarding the MYTH: Journeyman Kickstarter by e-mail at crowdfunding@ulisses-spiele.de

This FAQ is a living document. We will update the questions and answers in the coming time to keep you up to date. 

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