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An RPG that combines real-time exploration and turn-based tactical combat!

Hexxen: Hunters | Gamescom 2023 Preview

Welcome fellow Hunters!

A hundred years have passed since the gate to Hell opened, deep in the Black Forest of southern Germany. The world has since been infested by beasts and fiends of all kinds, but portents tell of a greater threat on the horizon – your Witch Hunters are all that stand between humanity and certain doom!

Hexxen: Hunters

Face off against both massive hordes and powerful monstrous entities – learn their attack patterns, their strengths, and their weaknesses, devising plans accordingly.

Real-time exploration meets turn-based tactical combat meets gothic horror

An RPG with real-time exploration and turn-based tactical combat, Hexxen: Hunters puts the fate of the world on your shoulders. The Morning Star rises and the scent of death is in the air. Something has been terrorizing the villagers in the area for weeks, and you’ve taken on a contract to eliminate the threat. Stalking the woods, you come across a horrifying sight – your quarry today is no ordinary monster…

  • With a selection of eight unique Hunters to recruit, you’ll have a plethora of options to consider depending on the mission at hand.
  • Each Hunter comes with their own equipment as well as specialized skill trees and mechanics to set them apart – will you rely on tricks of the occult or martial prowess to overcome those that oppose you?

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Bestehe als tapferer Ritter, elfische Waldläuferin oder gelehrter Magier Heldentaten und entdecke mit deinen Gefährten das von vielen Kriegen geschwächte Mittelreich, die exotischen Länder der Tulamiden, die dampfenden Dschungel des Südens oder die finsteren Schattenlande.


Savage Worldsist ein Universalsystem für actionreiches Rollenspiel, um eine Vielzahl an Settings zu bespielen. Dabei könnt ihr bestehenden Settings einen neuen Kick geben oder euch in die verschiedenen Spielwelten von Savage Worlds wagen.


Die Welt von Earthdawn strotzt nur so vor Legenden und herzbewegenden Geschichten über berühmte Abenteurer, die am Lagerfeuer erzählt werden, um die Nacht zu vertreiben.