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Torg Eternity – Cracking Tales of Aysle – Novel

The stories in this book focus on a few characters fighting, living, and dying in Aysle, one of the realms involved in the “Possibility Wars.” As can be seen from these stories, set in the universe of the Torg roleplaying game, Aysle is the realm of fantasy and legendary adventure: monsters, myths, and magic all come alive in the realm of Aysle.
But why? Why is there a section of the Earth that has been turned into some fantastical place from European myth and legend? And, in a larger sense, what does this mean to the rest of the game world?
There are many different, and contradictory, answers to these questions, but, simply put, Aysle represents a land of magical conception. Not only can there be elves, dwarves, giants, or other magical creatures, but they can exist, in Aysle, without detaching themselves entirely from the world of twentieth-century Earth. The magic-using elf may use a calculator to figure out an arcane puzzle; dwarves invest on the London stock exchange; and giants mix with half-folk and mythical creatures in modern-day crime syndicates. The point of reference is familiar.
It is this uniqueness, this mixing of the real with the unreal, that gives Torg, the game, its appeal. And, in these works of fiction, these “Chronicles of the Possibility Wars,” authors are able to experiment with this “cross-genre” fiction. Elves and dwarves, pulp heroes and dinosaurs, cyberpunks and occultists — Torg has all of these and more. Aysle is not “pure fantasy” any more than the real Earth is pure anything at all.