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The Dark Eye – Conspiracy of Mages

Conspiracy of Mages
by Sebastian Thurau

After years of homework, tests, and a life dedicated to becoming the best mage who ever graduated from the prestigious Lowangen Academy of Transformation, you now face one last hurdle: the final exam. Today you demonstrate your mastery of the arcane arts—at least, that’s what you expected when you awoke this morning. Now you are not so sure.

Your professors wield unimaginable power and command great respect in society, yet all is not well. Some cast envious eyes upon each other’s achievements and status, and a foul plan is afoot. Without even trying, you stumble into a web of intrigue and treachery that threatens to ruin the school’s reputation and end your career before it even starts.

Something sinister haunts these learned halls. As a young student of magic facing an unexpected challenge, can you solve this mystery and still manage to graduate?

Conspiracy of Mages is a solo adventure for The Dark Eye® RPG. This book includes a pregenerated character and all necessary rules. For more about the world of The Dark Eye®, see the Core Rules, the Aventurian Bestiary, and the Aventuria Almanac.

Adventure awaits!

A solo adventure for a young inquisitive mage.
Genres: Mystery, Conspiracy
Prerequisites: none
Location: Lowangen
Date: 1038–1040 FB
Complexity (Players/GM): low / –
Suggested Character Experience Level (if using your own character): Inexperienced to Skilled

Useful Skills 1/4
Craft Skills 1/4
Physical Skills 1/4
Combat 1/4

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