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The Dark Eye Aventurian Bestiary Digest-Size

Demon hunter. Chimera killer. Dragon slayer. Titles that bring honor
and glory… But to claim one of these awe-inspiring titles, heroes must
defeat these beasts. Many adventurers have dreamed of slaying a giant
wyvern and plundering its ancient hoard, but dragon-slaying is no easy

Horrifying and deadly monsters lurk in the forests, swamps, and
jungles of Aventuria. To creatures such as these, heroes are little more
than food, and whoever gets too close may fall prey to venomous fangs,
razor-sharp claws, or worse.

The Aventuria Bestiary introduces 40 terrifying monsters and
two dozen highly dangerous animals that can challenge even the
mightiest group of heroes. This sourcebook describes supernatural beings
such as demons, fairies, and ghosts, but also includes nightmarish
flesh-and-bone creatures like the corpse-devouring ghoul, the foul pit
worm, and the titanic gorger.

The wilds of Aventuria hold more than just monsters. The land also
supports many dangerous and interesting animals. Aventuria2019s oceans,
skies, and fields are home to bloodthirsty striped sharks, arrow-swift
storm falcons, and heavily armored, horned saurians. Each presents a
unique challenge for heroes who dare to explore the trackless wastes.

Each creature description features a full stat block, a colorful
illustration, and notes on physical traits, habitat, and encounter tips.

As a bonus, the Aventuria Bestiary introduces new advantages
and disadvantages, new special abilities designed for combat with
creatures, rules for creature swarms, and expanded rules for hunting and
making use of quarry.

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 7. April 2020 by Ulisses Spiele GmbH

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