Jetzt erhältlich: DSA – Book of Heroes

Jetzt erhältlich: DSA – Book of Heroes

Lange habt ihr gewartet. Jetzt ist es endlich soweit. Das neue DSA-Game „Book of Heroes“ ist seit heute erhätlich. Um euch das Spiel ein wenig näher zu bringen, könnt ihr hier einiges über Book of Heroes erfahren. Der folgende Artikel ist ein Auszug aus der Gaming-Publikation „Making Games“. Das Magazin ist englischsprachig und daher sind auch folgende Auszüge aus dem Magazin im Artikel englischsprachig.


Making a new The Dark Eye game

This summer a new game brings the players back into the fantasy world Aventuria. Like in the original Pen&Paper game, The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is about role-playing together with your friends. Four players combine the specialities of the different species and professions to overcome enemies, puzzles and challenges in the myriad of procedurally generated maps. Twelve different professions and eight individual storylines should provide long-lasting gaming fun. Book of Heroes is the first game of new Finnish developer Random Potion in collaboration with publisher Wild River Games and DSA rights holder Ulisses. We talk with Creative Director Arto Koistinen and CEO Kirsi Rossi about the development of The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes.


What kind of game is Book of Heroes?

Arto Koistinen: BoH is an RPG for busy people. There are plenty of action games with similarly easy ways of dropping in and out, but no real roleplaying games like this.

Kirsi Rossi: Book of Heroes is a game that consists of several shorter adventures that form longer stories. All the RPG elements are there but compared to the epic RPGs that require hundreds of hours playing, BoH gives you an easy way to play when you have time, or your friends are online and you’d like to play a couple of hours with them. It also doesn’t require a long time to get yourself familiar with the system, so it’s easy to start playing it but of course for the ones who’d like to immerse themselves into an epic RPG the experience is not that deep.


TDE is known for it’s unique system of dicing samples. How did you implement this system to the game as algorithm for the gameplay?

Arto: We have the skill system in the game pretty much as-is, the game handles the skill rolls when need and shows the results of the rolls to the player, along with all the three dice rolls and the final Quality Level. Some rolls are automated by the game (e.g. Perception), and some are initiated by the player (e.g. Picklocks).


In which area will the game take place?

Arto: In the Middenrealm, mostly concentrating on the west, Kosh and Northmarches areas.


Looking into The Dark Eye

We also had the chance to talk with Michael Hengst, Producer of Book of Heroes at German publisher Wild River Games, and Nikolai Hoch, responsible for The Dark Eye at Ulisses Spiele, the owner of the 36 years old franchise.


Where do you see the significance of the brand in international comparison?

Nikolai Hoch: The Dark Eye tabletop roleplaying game was first published in 1984. Since then, there have been five editions, more than a dozen PC games, and adventure and drama. Fans love the dynamic, changing world, and since 1984 The Dark Eye has seen several kings and emperors rise to power, a dark demi-god has risen and torn the continent apart, and celestial struggles shattered the very stars!

Aventuria is a continent full of magical and supernatural creatures, but with deep and strong roots in the history of our own world. The Dark Eye’s authors studied medieval times, culture, weaponry and life to imbue the world with gritty realism. From tactics on the battlefields to courtly intrigue, The Dark Eye taps into a wealth of real-world history and delivers even new fans the feeling that they are coming home as everything simply feels right.


Can I play the game even if I am not familiar with TDE?

Nikolai Hoch: Absolutely! It’s even a great start to get familiar with the overall setting. So even if you’re a TDE newbie: don’t worry. You’ll need no knowledge in advance to get into the game mechanics or the game world. In case you want to learn more about the world of TDE we also got you covered. Within the tavern „The Black Boar Inn“ you’ll find a bookshelf containing a lot of information on several topics.


Which aspects of Aventuria are particularly important to you?

Nikolai Hoch: Everyone working at Ulisses Spiele for The Dark Eye is not only a developer working on Aventuria, but also a player, usually for many years but also up to several decades. The deeply fleshed out lore and the ongoing history is what keeps all of us captivated and what drives us to dive into new adventures after work or on the weekend. For most of us it is the consistency of Aventuria, the ever-developing plot or rather multiple plotlines at the same time, spanning the whole continent, like the politics between different realms and the fictional characters that we became attached to. For some it is also the look & feel that is incredibly important, since through artwork you can get pulled directly into the world of Aventuria. It sparks your imagination and sets the tone for gaming sessions.


Bei den hier abgebildeten Texten handelt es sich um Auszüge aus dem insgesamt 7-seitigen Interview zwischen der Making Games, Wild River Games, Random Potion und Ulisses Spiele. Wenn ihr das ganze Interview lesen wollt, dann könnt ihr es sowohl digital als auch in gedruckter Form im Computec Shop bestellen.


Habt ihr Lust auf das Spiel bekommen?

Seit heute, dem 9. Juni 2020 ist Book of Heroes erhältlich. Ihr erhaltet das Spiel entweder auf Steam oder über Amazon in der Collectors Edition. Darin enthalten sind ein digitales Artbook, der offizielle Soundtrack, 2 Steam-Keys für dich und einen weiteren Spieler sowie ein gedrucktes, 16-seitges Comicbuch.



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