"Such an incredible honor! Lord Aves, I thank you for this great opportunity to travel the known world, see its wonders, and record them for future generations." -from the travel journal of Riziana Winzberg, a Blessed One of AvesThe Church of Aves spared no expense...

Arivor, jewel of the Horasian Empire, is the heart of the Rondran faith, stronghold of the staunch Ardarites, and home to famed weapon smiths, skilled armorers, and vintners of fine wines. Trumpets herald the opening of the mid-summer Knights Tournament as curious onlookers and pilgrims...

The grudge between the Warring Kingdoms of Nostria and Andergast has burned for almost two millennia.This regional sourcebook provides detailed background information on these hostile realms in northwestern Aventuria and their combative inhabitants. Explore the hazardous Forest Wilderness, the deadly Bladegrass Steppes in the east,...

The Aventuria Compendium concentrates on non-magical professions such as fighters and rogues, yet offers much that is useful for every character. The Aventuria Compendium reveals the power in the spoken word, the hands of the artisan, and the fighters blade, and gives you the rules to make...

Blessed One characters in The Dark Eye learn different liturgical chants and ceremonies to invoke the powers of their gods. These game reference cards present a handy, colorful reference for each possible liturgical chant and ceremony that they can refer to easily and consistently during...

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